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Providence Everett Medical Center

Providence Everett Medical Center

Kirtley-Cole worked with Providence Health Systems to complete numerous upgrades at their various Everett campuses over a period of 8 years.

The limited space in the current facilities made the completion of these projects unique. Kirtley-Cole scheduled and planned all projects in a manner that created as little disruption to staff and patients as possible. The hospital remained operational at all times. Infection control and safety of patients, staff and construction crews was of utmost priority.

Some of the projects completed for Providence included:

  • GI Labs
  • Gift Shop Remodel
  • I-131 Room & Storage (Colby)
  • Kitchen Remodel (Pacific)
  • Laboratory HVAC
  • Laboratory Remodel
  • Linear Accelerator (Pacific)
  • Mill Creek Pharmacy Remodel
  • MOB Pharmacy
  • MOB Suite #340
  • MOB Suite 225
  • MRI (Colby)
  • MRI (Pacific)
  • Nuclear Medicine (Colby)
  • Nursing Exhibit
  • Office Infill
  • OR Upgrades (Colby)
  • Pharmacy Remodel (Colby)
  • Phase 3B (Colby)
  • Phase 3C (Colby)
  • Phase 4C (Colby)
  • Radiology Dark Room
  • Radiology Remodel (Colby)
  • RF Radiology
  • RF Room
  • Roof Replacement (Broadway)
  • Room 6 (Colby)
  • Sterile Processing (Pacific)
  • Sterile Processing II (Pacific)
  • Women’s Breast Center
  • 2nd Floor Rehab (Pacific)
  • 2nd Floor Storage (Pavilion)
  • 3B East Cardio Eval (Colby)
  • 4th Floor E
  • 4th Floor S
  • 5A (Colby)
  • 7th Floor Remodel (Pacific)
  • AHU Walkway
  • Basement Office (Colby)
  • Board Room Offices
  • Broadway Office TI
  • Broadway Office TI II
  • B-Wing Power
  • Cath Lab 5 (Colby)
  • Cath Lab/IR Room (Colby)
  • College Plaza Phase I
  • Community Access Clinic
  • Community Access Clinic II
  • CT Suite (Colby)
  • CVL 9 (Colby)
  • Doctor Sleep Rooms (Colby)
  • Elevator Pressurization
  • Elevator Pressurization (Colby)
  • Elevator Pressurization II
  • Emergency Dept. Remodel (Colby)
  • Emergency Generator (Colby)
  • Emergency Room X-Ray
  • Equipment Brackets
  • Family Resource Center
  • GI Lab OR Conversion


Providence Regional Medical Center Everett


Everett, WA