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Evergreen Healthcare

Evergreen Healthcare

Home Health Specialists Renovation of an existing 17,026 SF empty shell to create a new space for the relocation of the Evergreen Home Health Group. The new space, on the second floor of the five-floor, 97,020 SF building, houses 7 offices, 4 conference rooms, a staff lounge, and space for medical records, training, storage. Large amounts of systems furniture for temporary and permanent offices occupy the remaining space.

Senior Health Specialists Renovation of existing exam rooms, nurse stations, waiting and reception areas to create new 5,990 SF clinic with 15 exam rooms, blood draw, nurse stations, consultation area, triage and pharmacy area, provider offices, and waiting areas.

Duvall Clinic The project included partial renovation of the existing 2,900 SF clinic, as well as the addition of 2,078 SF by converting an adjacent suite into clinical space. In addition to 7 exam rooms, 2 medical rooms, and storage, the new space houses a nurse station, blood draw station, and breakroom. The existing clinic space received cosmetic upgrades, as well as a remodeled reception and waiting area.


Evergreen Health


Kirkland, WA