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Kirtley-Cole takes pride in providing our clients with information that leads to predictable outcomes. By focusing relentlessly on the details of each project, we allow our clients to make decisions with a high degree of confidence. We identify and mitigate risk, highlight opportunities for best value engineering, and deliver accurate budgets and construction schedules that culminate in successful projects for our clients and their stakeholders.

Our clients’ success begins with our preconstruction team and a collaborative approach with attention to detail at every step of the process. We listen closely to our clients’ goals, align our work accordingly and drill down on the details to ensure the final project documents reflect the most effective construction approach. During construction, our teams focus on quality control and communication, making sure our clients are informed and updated at every step of the project. Ultimately, our goal is always to deliver on our promise of predictable outcomes.

Please see below for details regarding our predictable construction services.


Working collaboratively to develop the optimal project approach.

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As projects move from Design to Construction, our focus is on a smooth transition.

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Delivery Methods

We are experienced with a variety of delivery methods.

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Expertise in delivering environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings to our clients.

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Virtual Design and Construction (“VDC”)

Kirtley-Cole has enthusiastically embraced 3D Building Information Modeling technology.

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Our foremost responsibility is to ensure that every employee and team member goes home safely every day.

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