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Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Church

Kirtley-Cole Associates teamed with Zion Lutheran Church to modernize and expand their church in Kent.  The church renovated 2,664 SF of their existing building, including the narthex (812 SF), office wing (796 SF), central restrooms (406 SF) and kitchen (650 SF).  They also expanded the kitchen, narthex and office by 4,434 SF (kitchen 748 SF, narthex 710 SF,  office 2,976 SF).  A 385 SF covered entrance was also added.  Fire sprinklers and alarms were added to the existing 10,240 SF building, as well as all new additions.

Sitework on the project included a full street frontage improvement, including widening of the existing road, removing and relocating utilities, under-grounding existing power, water extension, storm system extension, street lights, street trees, and new curb, gutter and sidewalks.


Zion Lutheran Church


BPH Architects


Kent, WA