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University of Washington Medical Center

University of Washington Medical Center

Kirtley-Cole Associates has successfully teamed with the University of Washington Medical Center on three projects. All work was completed within the occupied and fully functional hospital.

Radiation Oncology The 5,700 SF remodel in the Radiation Oncology Department on the first floor of the University of Washington Medical Center was constructed in multiple phases within the occupied medical center. The project included the renovation of and physical modifications to three linear accelerator vaults. A new linear accelerator was installed in one of the suites, while another linear accelerator was moved. Crews also created a new fully-shielded vault for a new Synergy Hexapod. A new suite and control room for a new CT/Simulation was constructed, while a second CT/Simulation suite received minor upgrades. The project also included:

  • New dressing area,
  • New sub-waiting area
  • New physical work room
  • New soiled utility room
  • Finish upgrades in High Dosage Radiation room
  • Renovation of existing spaces into a new patient holding area
  • Renovation of office space
  • Exam room revisions including finishes/revisions
  • Installation of medical gases

Regional Heart Center The 48,000 SF renovation of the third floor in the University of Washington Medical Center consolidated scattered Regional Heart Center groups and improved the patient care process. Kirtley-Cole crews utilized an intensive phasing plan to minimize the impact of the work performed in the fully operating hospital and its surrounding clinics.

The project included work in the following areas:

  • Gift Shop
  • Espresso Stand
  • Pharmacy
  • Blood Draw
  • Regional Heart Center
  • Main Lobby / Waiting Areas
  • Main Entrance

MRI 3T Installation Complete demolition and remodel of a 6,000 SF space. Crews then removed an existing MRI and shored and rebuilt the concrete slab. Finally, crews assisted in the installation of the new MRI, one of the most powerful in the region.


University of Washington Medical Center


Seattle, WA