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Madrona Highlands – Housing Hope

Madrona Highlands – Housing Hope

Housing Hope has again engaged Kirtley-Cole Associates to complete the new construction of their new Madrona Highlands development. The project will provide housing for 52 families with children in the South Snohomish County community who are at different stages of their journey out of poverty.

The project includes four three-story buildings totaling 43,619 SF, with 38,857 SF of residential space. This includes seven one-bedroom units, 32 two-bedroom units, and 13 three-bedroom units. The remaining space houses supportive services, staff offices, health consultation space, community and multipurpose rooms, and a community pantry.

Site improvements on the 1.35 acre site include all associated utilities, an underground stormwater vault, retaining wall, and courtyard amenities including play equipment, sports court and landscaping.

The project is designed to meet Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards (ESDS).