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Lincoln Hill Village – Housing Hope

Lincoln Hill Village – Housing Hope

Kirtley-Cole Associates once again teamed with Housing Hope to construct a new residential facility: Lincoln Hill Village.

The project involved new construction of 24 units in 5 separate buildings. A sixth building serves as a commons building with laundry facilities, a meeting area, and management offices. The buildings are placed in a village format surrounding a courtyard, which allows for community activities such as basketball, barbecues, gardening, as well as general gathering spaces. The project includes 27,639 square feet of wood-framed flats, townhomes and commercial building on a 1.36 acre site.

The project was designed and constructed to meet the Washington State Evergreen Sustainable Development Criteria, a green building program. The team was able to recycle and therefore divert 95% of construction waste materials from landfills. Additionally, the attained 23% recycled content for construction materials. The team exceeded their goals on these and all sustainability measures for the project.

Funding for the construction of the project came from a variety of sources that included Federal, State and County monies, as well as corporate and individual donations.


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