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First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church

Kirtley-Cole Associates has teamed with First Presbyterian Church in Everett to complete multiple phases of seismic and historical renovations and upgrades to the 100-year-old church over a several year period.

The major and most recent phase of the project involved the structural retrofit of the church’s entire roof structure. This phase included seismic renovations to the roof, as well as new roofing, insulation, decking and flashing.  The project also included asbestos abatement to the existing roof, and repair and repainting of water-damaged portions of the ceiling.

The 100-year-old church was filled with historical, sentimental and irreplaceable items. Crews took care to protect the church’s historic 2060-pipe Balcom & Vaughan organ. The company that built the organ traveled to the church to assist in a plan to protect the organ and seal it from all construction dust. Careful consideration was given to protecting the irreplaceable, hand-crafted stained glass windows surrounding the sanctuary from any damage during construction. The pews in the church were much too long to remove from the building during construction, so our crews instead took precautions to protect the pews, moving them around from section to section of the sanctuary, while making repairs to the plaster of the entire vaulted ceiling. Finally, crews also took extra precautions with any work performed near family-donated items and the columbarium.

Our crews took extra precautions to minimize interruptions to church activites, a particular yet successful challenge for completing the visible work in the sanctuary.


First Presbyterian Church


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