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Cocoon House – Colby Avenue Youth Center

Cocoon House – Colby Avenue Youth Center

Kirtley-Cole Associates is currently teaming with Cocoon House to construct their new Colby Avenue Youth Center. The new 31,805 SF ground-up structure will provide support to the existing Cocoon House facilities with additional space for homeless youth to have a safe place to sleep in short- and long-term housing, as well as access to services to assist these youth in obtaining life skills.

The new building sits atop a fill site, after the existing structure on the site had a series of abatement procedures performed prior to demolition in preparation for the new center. Crews will install new sewer, water, storm, electrical and fire suppression systems as part of the infrastructure.

The first floor of the wood-framed, three-story structure consists of a number of outreach services with dedicated offices including a tech and employment center, a clinic, counseling center, drug prevention center, outreach advocate facilities, music room, meeting and conference areas, multipurpose rooms and outdoor play area on the first floor. The second and third floors house 40 residential sleeping quarters, living room, laundry room, meeting room, storage areas and staff facilities.

Construction began in March 2018 and will be complete in Spring 2019.


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