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1830 East Mercer | The Shea Apartments

1830 East Mercer | The Shea Apartments

The Shea Apartments is a new 31,361 SF, 5-story mixed-use building, comprised of 2,260 SF of commercial space, 32 apartment units and structured parking for 10 vehicles. The structure is 4 stories of wood-framed residential over 1 story of post-tensioned concrete retail and parking.

The building was constructed on a tight, sloping sight that is only accessible from one side. The project is located within a dense urban neighborhood (Capitol Hill) and directly adjacent to an existing building where tenants remained operational for the duration of the project. Because of the proximity to this building, the site required substantial shoring and underpinning. Neighbor relations and coordination with SDOT for pedestrian access were also critical components to the project.


Epic Property Management


PUBLIC47 Architects


Seattle, WA